Web Design & Development Survey

A List Apart are requesting readers in the web development industry to take a survey. The aim is to collect information on the web development community

WordPress Mobile Plugin

I was quite pleased when I heard that there was now a mobile web plug-in for word press developed by Alex King

Opera Backstage Event and Opera 9.1 Preview

n Tuesday evening Opera Software the developers of the world fastest browser held it’s Opera Backstage event in London, and gave a preview of Opera 9.1

CuisineNet Chinese Food To Go Online

The pros and cons of CuisineNet’s online delivery system are: Great idea it was fairly simple and easy to use, I was able to place a full order and specify a time for delivery.

Matt Cutts Captcha Validation

Matt Cutts has written a post about his new Captcha that is now accessible and will make it harder for ‘Spam Bots’ to dump nasty comments on his blog.

Looking Back at Spam

I’m going through my inbox this morning and deleting spam after spam. Then going through the junk mail and deleting more.

Sales Calls – Eating Valuable Hours

I wonder how much valuable time is spent with useless call and if there is a census on how much money is lost each day because of spam mails and cold-calls?

Web Revival 2.0

I had an article in my inbox titled: “Web 2.0 mania revives dot-com investing” it was about the web democracy craze and investors charging in for the kill.

Personal Web Pages – The Big Three

It’s the age of personalisation and the big three are all at it – Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. I have tried them all just to get an idea what they are like and how usable they are.

W3C Feed Validation Service

The W3C released it’s Hosts Feed Validation Service that is a ‘experimental’ free online tool that will check the syntax of RSS feeds.