Web Design & Development Survey

The bastion of all things web design – A List Apart are requesting readers in the web development industry to take a survey.  The survey is aimed at getting answers and information that will allow them to compile profile of the backgrounds of developers, where we came from, who we are,  environments we work in, whether freelance, corporate or SME.

It’s not a bad idea, little is known about the backgrounds and personalities of web project managers, new media writers, publishers, developers and designers, it is still considered very much new media and most of us who have been doing it a while did not come from universities that taught it.  Ten to thirteen years ago people coming into the web were learning by trial and error on software that in comparison to today’s standards is rudimentary at best.  A lot of us came from media backgrounds such as advertising, video, print, or tech.  Some came from totally unrelated backgrounds and saw it as either a hobby or what could be potentially a new career.

Whatever the background or the reason for becoming a developer you should really consider taking this survey, a couple of us took it at Sonet Digital and found it took no time at all.