GeoID Visitor Locator App

We were asked to create a small locator app for Search and Go. The app is a Google Mashup that allows a visitor to click the button and arrive on a map that shows their current location and other visitors locations. It is free and a fun application to have for a website. When a visitor arrives on our map page it will show on the page a box that tells you the website you came from and how many people have visited ‘your website’ in the past 24 hours with markers that when clicked will show their LONG/LAT of their location.

The app can be placed on a website or a blog and looks like the small red and white button on this page. In case you have images turned off here is the link:

Visitor locations

Should prove quite useful. We release other functionality to it in the coming months. GeoID is built using AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) and refreshes a little faster than other similar apps.