Matt’s Mad

One of the blogs I regularly read is Gadgets, Google and SEO by Matt Cutts. There are good reasons why I read his column, amongst many others. Mainly because he writes about search and SEO which an integral part of what we do at Sonet Digital. Matt gives a good and insightful look into Google and the way it does business. I can’t say I agree with it all and I am not meant too.  But, having said that he does tell it like it is. matt-cutts

Checking into Matt’s blog today, I see that he is back from vacation, and expecting to hear about something new from Google and ‘his usual books he reads on vacation’ instead, there is a post titled: Why I disagree with Privacy International and clearly upset he is to the point that he even named the extension of the URL for his blog posting:  I was surprised at Matt’s outburst as it is usually more measured, (especially after a good nights sleep ;-)).  It appears that Privacy International have slammed Google for its privacy policies at a  time when internet visitors are even more wary about their privacy online.

What Justification?

I could not see how Privacy International is justified in it’s report, and Matt raises several valid points why it did not bring into account such discrepancies from other companies such as AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft who all scored better than Google.  The big question is why did Privacy International release this report without consulting Google and clarifying its information?