A Day in a New Media Agency

Running a growing digital marketing agency gives me a run for my money, that’s for sure.  There is never a dull moment or lack of things to accomplish.

As a business partner of Sonet Digital I begin my day with a large cup of coffee that sits eagerly waiting to be sipped but so often being left to turn cold and then reheated in the microwave, or better still, I brew another pot of the stuff!  Computer’s on and I’m ready to review the priorities list for the day, add the ‘it’s an emergency’ phone calls that have come in overnight.  Examples of which are: ‘I can’t send email’, ‘the video link is down’, why can’t I…?  All these delicious items are added to the TO DO board in front of me and we work our way through it, priority by priority.

With the many hats I wear at the agency let’s add a few more items to the list to keep the day varied and mentally stimulating…. I’ll then get some keyphrase research done since we like to keep our clients content fresh and current, thus a re-write would be a great idea.  Then I’ll do some rankings analysis just to confirm we are heading in the right direction, and that the keyphrases we’ve chosen are having the desired effect.  Wow, is that the time…. FOOD… YES, lunch is definitely a requirement of the job, time for a quick snack I think.

It’s later in the afternoon and I’ve finished my rankings analysis.  So, what’s next?   Company finances I think, accounts receivable and payable – it’s all pretty straightforward data entry… a quick review of the state of the company (on paper), and yes, everything looks good.

I liaise with my partner to confirm we have taken care of all the emergency issues that were raised earlier this morning, and that’s affirmative, we’re on track. Just a few tweaks here and there and the world of new media is under control in this part of the world, or at least until tomorrow morning.

So another busy day at Sonet Digital comes to an end and I feel content that I’ve achieved much, moving one step forward to completion of a project or two, understanding a little more about where we need to increase our attention with regard to certain projects, and where we are absolutely where we want to be.   It’s been a rewarding day, challenging at times, but stimulating always.

I wonder if your agency runs this way.  How do you schedule and manage the hours in your day when there is always so much to accomplish?