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White Space as an Art Form

Simplicity is stylish in the right medium. At Sonet Digital it’s something we keep in mind in our builds and development.

Web Democracy 2.0

The most dramatic example of Web 2.0 democracy is not in the selection of ideas, but their production.

Mobile Web SEO

Future Look at SEO

The future of SEO will be the web on the move. This includes having fast and easy access to the mobile web at all times through smartphones.

Website Recode for Better Rankings

A largely overlooked factor of search engine optimisation strategy is the coding of a website. If a site is using old and out-dated code it can have a detrimental effect…

Red Project SEO

One of the services we offer at Sonet is ‘red project solutions’ for SEO. We are called-in to rescue sites that have a variety of problems, including poor website architecture

Royal Leap into Cyberspace

New media agency, Sonet Digital have been commissioned to create a full online marketing solution for the historic Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth.