Google Backlink Tool

Matt Cutt’s announced on his blog that Google has now created a Backlink checking tool for webmasters who want to view and know who is linking to a client site. This is welcome and as Matt states it still does not show all the backlinks but in time will more than likely grow. We are quite pleased about this, now it means no more sifting through a dozen or backlink tools to find your results. You can do it from the Google webmaster consul.

We generally have a look through Yahoo and MSN to give us a accurate picture of who is linking. Now that Google is allowing for inspection of websites backlinks it will aid in helping understand another one of Google’s many ranking factors. Up to recently when checking for backlinks Google only provides a small glimpse of who is linking to your site. There are many theories why Google does this. One such theory is it doesn’t want to give webmasters a working road map on link buying. This makes sense in the bigger scheme of things. So, why the sudden change in direction and the Glasnost approach now? I really don’t know. One thing for sure it is useful to know these backlinks and I believe webmasters/site owners should not rely on it to base their rankings As Matt Cutts points out a few times (just to hammer it home)

“Do not assume just because you see a backlink that it’s carrying weight”

The above statement basically says as well that Google is still employing safeguards in the prevention of having it’s results manipulated.

Content King of all Great Web Pages

Recently we have seen some client’s sites doing really well in search results. We put this down to good content. We have taken to persuading clients to write about their business and it has been a pleasant surprise to see some really good content coming forth, most clients will tell you that they don’t have the propensity or the time to write. With a little gentle persuasion and a list of questions we give them they are starting to write. One client is turning out several pages a week about his business; it’s all good stuff and as he has over 20 years in his line of work and runs one of the largest trade organizations to do with his profession which pretty much makes him an authority on his subject. We have been publishing his papers on various sites and finding it’s not only good link bait but sends back some good links to him from others in his industry. This in our opinion is the way it should be done.

I have found with other clients who are not such prolific writers will make a long list about their industry and the ‘ins and outs’ of how it operates etc. With this we’ll employ a ghost-writer who will take the list and turn it into a readable article and create some good page copy from it.

Missing Pages Syndrome
Yes I know I have gone on a bit about this subject and finally it may have been resolved that websites that went missing from the local results in Google pages from the UK are now showing up again. We had lost our root index page for two months. Thanks to Matt who had been keeping tags on this. Let’s hope this is a permanent fix.