Client Terms and Conditions

Sonet Digital offers terms and conditions to all its clients, fostering mutual understanding and setting clear expectations for both parties involved. (Visit here for website Terms & Conditions)

In these Terms and Conditions “we, our, us, Sonet Digital refers to Sonet Digital Ltd.

Sonet Digital provides digital management and marketing services

All services are chargeable and payable at the beginning of each calendar month /or as agreed with the individual client.

In terms of web design and development services then – as agreed with the client milestones are created to facilitate each payment until the total is reached.

Email, hosting & domain registration

The Sonet Digital email and web hosting services are developed either in-house or on third-party platforms, whereas, Sonet Digital rent as a white label agreement or distribute on behalf of the third party and utilise these services as part of the Sonet Digital experience.

Domain transfer (out)

Sonet Digital provides domain management and registration services. When these services come to a close, there may be requested termination, or transfer out of the domain and associated services, Sonet Digital will assist and advise on a transfer, or deletion strategy.  Sonet Digital charges for this service which includes a regular transfer fee for the domain and associated services.


Sonet Digital hosting services provide multiple platforms for Sonet Digital customers and non-customers to provide hosting websites of all sizes in a safe and reliable environment.  All of our hosting services are for a 1-year minimum without exception. Hosting is then renewed at the agreed price between the provider and the customer.

  • No partial hosting packages – 1-year minimum
  • Transfer out service free if carried out by the customer (price depending on size and complexity of the website. (agreed with the client at the start of the transfer).
  • Transfer in –
    • If part of the design or SEO package this will be agreed upon with the customer.
    • If outside of a package, it will be charged at the complexity of the transfer.

Transfers out: We are not responsible for any loss of attached data including DNS, and name records. This is the responsibility of the transferee unless we are advised to transfer this data and set it up at the third-party hosting service. This service incurs a further charge, please contact us for clarification.

Financial Data

Sonet Digital provides extended online advertising services that include Pay-per-click campaign management and digital advertising services. Many of these services require that Sonet Digital utilise client financial data that may include credit card facilities and/or banking data inclusive of direct debit.

Sonet Digital does not share this data with any person inclusive of staff /management of the client’s respective company or holdings. Financial data is directly inputted into the third party’s software for use by the third party. It is closely managed and monitored by Sonet Digital. We do not share or retain these details except for the correct authority which in most cases is at the company director, business or finance director level.


Sonet Digital enjoys close working relationships with all of its client base and considers this a strength within our company to foster relationships that for Sonet Digital have lasted many years and have helped us build our reputation.  Unfortunately, relationships come to an end for whatever reason. At Sonet Digital, we understand this and help to facilitate a smooth transfer and provide advice where necessary.

Severance timeline

Sonet Digital requires that they are given at least 6 weeks’ notice depending on the amount and level of services a client has with Sonet Digital – the 6 weeks are outlined below:

  • 4 weeks – to complete all ‘agreed’ outstanding work
  • 2 weeks to hand over all properties and sign off.
  • For direct transfer – 2 weeks for sign-off (or an agreed date with both parties)

In the period of severance, Sonet Digital will hand over all properties belonging to the client and advise the client on a handover strategy. Before services and properties are handed over, Sonet Digital invoices for the final amount due on the client’s accounts inclusive of any cancellation fee. This includes any outstanding work, management, and marketing services the client owes. Domain name services, domain registration, web hosting and premium email boxes. On payment of the invoice, Sonet Digital will hand over in a timely manner all web properties belonging to the client, except for properties that cannot be transferred out of the account such as copyrighted materials and services.

All images, electronic content, and coding is the property of Sonet Digital Ltd unless otherwise agreed with the client.

For further information please contact us at 01227 467988


  • Published May 18th, 2003
  • Update October 16th, 2008 (Domain transfer – update).
  • Update January 9th, 2018 (Hosting – corrections).
  • Update: January 10th, 2018 (Financial data – language).
  • Update:  June 3rd 2021  (Severance timeline – updates).
  • Update: April 12th, 2023 (Hosting – wording).
  • Update: September 15th 2023 (Hosting – wording).