Wentworth Clinic Case Study

Wentworth Clinic

Wentworth Clinic is a highly renowned plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry with clinics in Southbourne, Bournemouth and off Harley Street in London specialising in cosmetic maxillofacial surgery, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, laser surgery, and dentistry.

The Brief

Sonet Digital originally (2008 – 2010) provided the Wentworth Clinic with online marketing and web development services that helped enhance the visibility fo the Wentworth Clinic for its cosmetic surgery services.

In 2017 Professor Ilankovan a renowned plastic maxillofacial surgeon approached Sonet Digital to request help in re-developing its web presence.


The website was suffering from inappropriate architecture and had been split into two separate websites both advertising the same service with parts of the core website no longer being indexed by search engines amongst other serious and non-serious issues.

Website Solution

Sonet Digital created a website solution that addressed all of the issues that the previous website was suffering from. Our plan included amalgamating the 2 websites and creating an aesthetically pleasing website that was more in tune with the expectations of visitors to the Wentworth Clinic’s specific industry.

Sonet Digital worked very closely with the Wentworth Clinic’s management to create a design that utilised a subtle colour scheme while putting emphasis on the images and content.  We rewrote and created fresh content that rather than went into technical detail, relied instead on selling the services and describing in layman’s terms the most salient points of each service.   The technical details including aftercare also featured on the page, however, it was placed into accordions so that the website visitor could expand to read more on a need-to-know basis.

Sonet digital customised an off-the-shelf publishing platform as a CMS which allows the Wentworth Clinic to update content, write business blogs and share services directly from the website.

The website architecture was created so that visitors can easily find the Wentworth Clinic’s services and for it to be search engine friendly.

Internet Marketing Solution

Sonet Digital created an online marketing strategy that is developed to be rolled out in phases and starts with the build and development of the website,  a managed marketing approach that is designed to maximise visibility via online tools including search engine optimisation, pay per click services, social media advertising and online brand development.


Some of the technologies and techniques used in the Wentworth Clinic marketing solution:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Development of custom website
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Blogging platform
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) (Google AdWords)
  • Content Development


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  • Deana
  • Jo
  • Craig
  • Jim