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Copyright date update

The Importance of Keeping Your Copyright Details Current

By displaying the correct copyright year it shows your visitors that you are on the ball. It helps in building a good level of trust in your visitors.

Google Adwords Summit

Google Adwords Community Summit 2014

Deana attended the Google Adwords Community Summit 2014 in London, a day developing PPC marketing knowledge and key marketing events.

google+ logo

5 Ways for Using Google+ for Your Business

Google announced that they will transition Google+ to a revamped service named Google Currents, starting on July 6, 2020

PPC Campaign

5 Tips for Fine Tuning a PPC Campaign

Discover essential PPC optimisation tips to boost your campaign’s performance. Expert insights for better ROI.

Shopping for a Car Just Got Easier with Google Knowledge Graph

This week Google announced its Knowledge Graph can now make the research-intensive act of car shopping even easier for users.

Google PageRank

The Evolution or Demise of PageRank?

Will PageRank disappear forever, or will it evolve into something that provides a more accurate measurement of a webpage’s quality?