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Why You Should Start a Christmas SEO Campaign Early

Here are a few simple tactics and tips to incorporate into your SEO strategy to boost your chances of a successful Christmas campaign.

How Social Media Indicators Can Improve Your Reputation

Although individual social media indicators may not lead to great boosts in your search engine rankings by themselves – they will almost certainly improve your ranking in the long run if used with the reader in mind.

Facebook gifts services

Facebook Ramps up its Ecommerce Capabilities with Gifts

Facebook has announced that it is introducing ‘Facebook Gifts,’ a service that allows members to select a gift and send it to their contacts or friends from Facebook’s Gifts service.

Blocking Baidu and Yandex Search Spiders

We noticed on a couple of sites that bandwidth was being sucked and vaporised. After some analytics investigation we noticed that Yandex and Baidu search engine bots were hammering the server.


World Wide Web is 21

It’s been 21 years since WWW founder Tim Berners Lee revolutionised the way we communicate, with the invention of the World Wide Web.

EU Cookie Policy Pages

I have noticed lately on some websites that have international pages in the EU that there is either no Privacy Policy or that the privacy policy was carved from a cookie cutter.