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W3C Feed Validation Service

The W3C released it’s Hosts Feed Validation Service that is a ‘experimental’ free online tool that will check the syntax of RSS feeds.

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Web Democracy 2.0

A meeting with Ed Merritt and David Frankel turned into a brainstorming session on how best to create a democratic web network for people to connect online.

Mobile Web SEO

Future Look at SEO

The future of SEO will be the web on the move. This means developing websites to be mobile friendly and accessible for visitors.

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Website Code Optimisation for Better Rankings

An overlooked factor of SEO is the coding of a website. If a site is using outdated code it can have a detrimental effect especially with new technologies

Online Marketing with “Red Project Solutions”

Red Project SEO is a service we developed to rescue sites that are losing rankings in the major search engines.

Graphic example of website architecture with a sitemap on a green background.

Website Architecture: SEO-Friendly Web Hierarchies

From content-specific folders to user-friendly navigation, ensuring every layer of your site is optimised for maximum search engine visibility.