Google Analytics Audience Overview Report Explained

We have created a short explanation to demystify various aspects of Google Analytics reporting, starting here with the Audience Overview report. 

The Best Way to Remove Fake Spam Referrer Traffic from your Analytics Reports

Referral spam getting you down and causing web stats to fluctuate with a high bounce rate? Read on for a workaround in Google Analytics.

Blinded by Secure Search – Not Provided

Google decided to unleash “secure search” in full, thus blocking out 100% of ‘organic’ search terms (of searches within the Google search engine) from the reporting within Google Analytics.

Top Five SEO Mistakes

Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team gives provides his top 5 biggest SEO mistakes that range from not having a website to webmasters and site owners not understanding how Google works.

International SEO Ranking of Websites with Duplicate Content

Websites that are geo-targeting multiple areas with the same language audience and same content should consider the following international SEO guidelines…

Why URLs Should be Readable and How to Apply Best Practises

Search engines have always recommended that web addresses, also commonly referred to as URLs to be kept as simple and easily understandable as possible…

A Brief Guide to the Google Disavow Links Tool

The Google Disavow Links Tool was introduced in October 2012 with a view to helping website owners who’ve been penalised because of black hat SEO tactics

Why You Should Start a Christmas SEO Campaign Early

Here are a few simple tactics and tips to incorporate into your SEO strategy to boost your chances of a successful Christmas campaign.

Blocking Baidu and Yandex Search Spiders

We noticed on a couple of sites that bandwidth was being sucked and vaporised. After some analytics investigation we noticed that Yandex and Baidu search engine bots were hammering the server.

The SEO, Web Development Outsource-Insource Conundrum

The majority of firms and web developers we have spoken to all agree that this is not the time to outsource but to keep it within country (insourcing) and start throwing more support behind our economy,