Online Marketing with “Red Project Solutions”

At Sonet Digital, we recently started offering “red project solutions.” These solutions are customised for businesses and organisations. This service is designed to tackle the challenges your website might be facing, especially those related to its structure.

Navigating Deceptive Practices in Online Marketing

Sadly, many businesses have fallen victim to misleading practices in the realm of web and SEO services. Some unscrupulous companies take your money and deliver subpar websites that don’t meet your market’s needs. Similarly, some SEO practitioners resort to questionable tactics like stuffing keywords and using irrelevant back links that don’t actually benefit your project.

It’s frustrating to see clients who’ve put their trust and money into these deceptive practices. At Sonet Digital, our mission is to provide clarity in such situations. We’ll audit your SEO rankings breaking down what went wrong and show you the way forward. We believe that with the right expertise and effort, any website can be revamped and perform well in search engine rankings. But yes, fixing past mistakes might require some extra investment.

Real-Life Scenario –  Mike’s Experience

Mike runs an online business for buying and selling businesses. His office is in Bedford and he has been operating online since since 1998. His website was outdated and didn’t work well with modern browsers, it was built with Microsoft FrontPage (WYSIWYG HTML editor). Mike decided to invest in a new website to improve its design and search engine ranking. However, the web development company he hired, along with an SEO consultant, didn’t deliver on their promises. After a Google update, Mike’s website ranking took a nosedive, which was a major setback considering the money he had invested for a custom solution.

Solution – CMS

Mike approached us (via a referral from another web agency). We audited Mike’s site and created a comprehensive solution, which included:

  • Search engine friendly Content Management System (CMS).
  • Custom design that did not rely on a template builder.
  • SEO strategy that was to be rolled out over a 2 year period.
  • Chnaged the hosting from a free hsoting provider to a paid hsoting solution.
  • Focus on inbound quality links through well written content that enticed other blogs and sites to link.
  • Thanks to these changes, Mike’s website started climbing back up the search engines,with not just one page but all major pages that we broke down into various markets where he operates.

SEO Standards

This story highlights the pressing need for industry-wide standards in SEO practices. It’s not enough to discuss best practices in conferences. What’s needed is a united effort from the best minds in the industry to establish and promote these standards and educate the online marketing community. This will lead to transparency, reliability, and ultimately stronger online businesses for all of us.

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  1. Anthony Parsons
    Anthony Parsons says:

    Nice post. It’s good to see the truth being posted, and not all the industry fluff that makes the myriad of content upon the web.

    >> Standards More than ever, there needs to be some sort of standards in the SEO industry…

    Don’t even get me started on this one. I know that some of the industry top dogs are trying with SMA, but honestly, it’s a band aid to the real solution. Industry standards and best practices don’t come from a group who just decide to, well, ummm, become a group, they come from an appropriate government standards accredited agency. For example, Australia has “Australian Standards” which is a nationwide government body to oversee all industries, including marketing, the only problem is, is that they haven’t yet extended to the web as a unique market. I know other countries have these types of national standards, and it’s at this level the problem needs to be approached, not just a bunch of online marketers getting together for a band aid session. Saying that, a problem will still exist for those poorer countries that don’t regulate any kind of stands, such as India, Pakistan, etc. etc. Anyone with the money to buy a computer and get online is trying to make a buck, most dishonestly.

    Quite honestly, I’m glad I’m retired now from work, as SEO was becoming a real pain in the backside. I was getting so sick off having to qualify myself to those that have been ripped off the first time by these half arsed bandits.

    I had a chat with a very talented designer just the other day actually, and he was chatting to me because of the SEO problem, and obtaining rankings for his clients. He didn’t want to SEO the sites, as its not is talent, but he wanted to ensure that what he does is SEO compliant, i.e. an SEO won’t have to go back and redo his work as its done right the first time. He is even going back and fixing his past clients sites, free of charge, in his spare time. That is honesty and integrity for his clients. What most people fail to realise, is that your best client is your current clients, not a browser…

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