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Google Secure Search

Google’s Secure Search – Not Provided

Google unleashed “secure search” in full, blocking out 100% of ‘organic’ search terms (searches via Google search engine) showing in Google Analytics.

Google Wallet

Google Checkout To Close – What it means for Business

On November 20th, 2013, Google will close its online payment processing service, Google Checkout. This is part of a transition to Google Wallet.

Google Glass

Google Glass: A Glimpse into the Future of Search

As Google prepares to introduce its Glass to the public, we have a look at the features and what it means to the search industry-it’s positives and pitfalls

Top Five SEO Mistakes

Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team gives provides his top 5 biggest SEO mistakes.

International SEO Targeting of Same-Language Regions

Want to rank in multiple countries with the same content? Find out how with international SEO and avoid common duplicate content pitfalls.

Domain Name System (DNS)

The Importance of Readable URLs and Best Practices

Search engines have always recommended that web addresses, commonly referred to as URLs to be kept as simple and understandable as possible.