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Disavowing links with the disavow tool

A Brief Guide to the Google Disavow Links Tool

The Google Disavow Links Tool was introduced in October 2012 with a view to helping website owners who’ve been penalised because of black hat SEO tactics

Why You Should Start a Christmas SEO Campaign Early

Here are a few simple tactics and tips to incorporate into your SEO strategy to boost your chances of a successful Christmas campaign.

How Social Media Metrics Boost Your Brand’s Reputation

Discover how social media metrics can elevate your brand’s reputation by providing value to your audience

Facebook gifts services

Facebook Ramps up its Ecommerce Capabilities with Gifts

From timelines to doorsteps: Facebook’s ‘Gifts’ brings a fresh twist to online shopping.

Blocking Baidu and Yandex Search Spiders

We noticed that Yandex and Baidu search engine bots were hammering the server and vaporising the bandwidth.

Google Blocking Users from Search Results with Automated Queries Error

Google have blocking users from their search engine with the error message: We’re sorry… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries.