CuisineNet Chinese Food To Go Online

UPDATE TO BELOW POST (27th March 2017):
It appears CuisineNet have closed down – so much for that!

Original blog post 14th October 2006

I’m currently am working late in the studio and getting hungry. I decided to run a check for Chinese deliveries via Google search and there it was finally a restaurant where you could order online and have It delivered. The restaurant in question is the Top Wok located via the CuisineNet website.

Several years ago a good friend of mine David Frankel and I had the idea to do this, unfortunately, at that time we were both too busy putting the framework together for the SaGa Portal. However, it great to see that it’s been done locally.

The pros and cons of CuisineNet’s online delivery system is a great idea as it was fairly simple to use, I was able to place a full order and specify a time for delivery. The sign-up process was really easy and seamless. Within 4 minutes of my order being placed, I received a confirmation phone call and email! You can’t beat that for service. I am now expecting my order to arrive at 07.30pm of crispy beef in chilli sauce, egg fried rice and spring rolls.

The cons or rather setbacks are: it would have been easier if they had an online payment gateway in place such as Protx VSP Direct, Streamline or even Paypal.

CuisneNet may want to consider the following:

  1. Payment Gateway which would help in increasing sales and up-selling online.
  2. Graphic and images next to each dish and an apt description during the order process. We all know that when one is hungry images of food sell a meal really well. Also, a good and well-written description would have had me buying their specials.
  3. Develop site to be accessible on the mobile web. I see this as a typical site that would be useful in a mobile web environment. Think about it… you place an order via mobile phone if you are out, knowing you will be home at a certain time the order is placed for that time, you arrive home with a hot meal waiting for you…!

The future of the mobile web is convenience and this is just one example that could really well for it.