Refresh Your E-Commerce Marketing Plan

Refresh your e-commerce marketing plan

Just over a week into 2018 and the team at Sonet Digital have begun the year with a flying start! Always our first order of business (besides brewing copious amounts of strong coffee) is to review performance analytics – and most especially at this time of year for our e-commerce customers who rely on the holiday season for increased traffic and sales – we can review and analyse collected data to understand which pages worked for them, and those that didn’t perform quite so well. It’s great data and always put to good use.

Holiday 2017 e-commerce sales

Though the overall holiday figures have not yet been published (let alone the yearly sales) Adobe has forecast that e-commerce spending will have exceeded $100 billion in the US alone.  I’ll publish the figures for the UK in another post, once released.

E-Commerce Analytics

Understanding analytics plays a bigger role than ever. Your marketing manager or contracted marketing team should be able to provide you with a weekly or monthly analytics report (depending on your contractual arrangement). These include easy to read spreadsheets, or PDF’s that show summary as well as more in-depth reports to help you better understand where traffic is coming from; how visitors navigate through your site; your most frequently viewed pages, times spend on those pages, and so much more valuable information.

By understanding your analytics data, you (along with the expertise of your marketing team) are able to determine the right direction your online marketing efforts should be taking, whether you are utilising online marketing services such as SEO, Pay per Click, and/or social media advertising.

To-do notes for 2018

If 2017 was a bumper year for selling online then this should be a clarion call to ‘up your e-commerce game’ and refresh your marketing plan, start by looking at your website performance and current Internet marketing services.

Sometimes a little outside help is required to help see the bigger picture, that’s why Sonet Digital offers an Internet marketing consultation service that is designed to advise and assist your team in getting back on track with your online sales.

Start 2018 with a focused strategy to ensure you reap the rewards you desire for your business over the coming year.