Opera Backstage Event and Opera 9.1 Preview

On Tuesday evening Opera Software the developers of the world fastest browser held it’s Opera Backstage event in London. Southbourne.com was invited to attend and listen to Jon von Tetzchner the Director tell us about the new upgrades to Opera and lots of other good stuff. Jon was being joined by other speakers that included Jeremy Keith from Clear Left and Ajit Jaokar from Futuretext Publishing. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t make the event. I hear it went really well and Thomas Ford Opera’s Global PR sent me some of the points what was discussed at the event. The new upgrade to Opera 9 will be released in two weeks time, dubbed as Opera 9.1 it will feature the following:

Fraud Protection (anti-phishing)

A whole set of web developer tools integrated including:

Live CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) inspector
DOM inspector
view source
view live source (generated code)
cool colour picker/inspector lets you hover over any colour on the screen and get the code for it.
windows resizer to common sizes for devices, mobile phones and pcs

That’s good news all around when you consider that IE7 with its anti-phishing tools and Firefox with its really neat developer tools and developer plug-ins have put themselves ahead of Opera, it now puts Opera on even ground with the other two. Hopefully, Opera will continue to build on this and start a momentum as a browser for choice. We have been using the browser since version 2 and still, it’s the fastest full-scale web browser. At times it gets to be a chore and slows down site development time when you’re getting a site to be cross-browser friendly and various modules of the build keep breaking in the various browsers.