Web Revival 2.0

I had an article in my inbox titled: “Web 2.0 mania revives dot-com investing” it was about the whole web democracy craze hitting us and investors charging in for the kill. I think the difference this time is that investors are more cautious and are backing horses that are sure to win. As explained in the article:

The mania over Web 2.0, coupled with the phenomenal success of Google’s public offering, has renewed interest in dot-com investment. The new dash to fund the next big dot-com has even raised rumblings of another bubble

Most got their fingers burnt last time around investing in a technology that was very new and not really understood. These very same investors have had time to watch wait and get their hands dirty testing the various strengths of the Internet.

What was really missing the first time around was the lack of understanding of what was driving the web, the visitors – what they wanted and how they perceived the web. It was not like offline at all where consumers had ads shoved down their throats and they got what was available only in their immediate vicinities.
The web has given them more choice and it now appears that developers are answering the call of the original founders of the web for making it a place where communities share information.

I agree with the author Aman Batheja when quotes Jake McKee:

“We’re finally getting to the place where everybody wanted us to be years ago,” said Jake McKee, a veteran Web developer from Garland, Texas.

“That’s a huge reason why you’re seeing developers kick off their shoes, I think, and run with some pretty creative concepts.”

Developers are now getting more creative and along with it are developing tools for visitors that are useful. A lot of these tools are free and enhance a community spirit and a ‘sense of sharing’ like De.licio.us the social bookmarks manager and Flock the ‘very social’ Browser.

At Sonet Digital we have been involved with developing  MyJournal a special features social portal that will be mobile ready. It’s still in its Beta stage and only houses a few profiles at present but what is planned are online mapping, articles, financial tools and news that visitors will be able to comment and add reviews. This comes free to users and we want to create a community atmosphere, our work is cut out for us, however, building a project like this gives us a chance to push our creative energies to the maximum without it being as it was three years ago when it was all about building websites for customers who wanted purely financial gain without any thought to the visitor. Things are changing now and the more savvy businesses are realising if you want to be a financial success then your visitor/customer must come first.

I think the web is heading to be far more open than it ever was and a sense of democracy is taking hold which is being reflected through the applications that are being built by a few developers that are embracing the concept of Web 2.0… I’m eager to see where we stand this time next year and where the web will take us for 2006… it’s now Christmas here in the UK and I going to turn in… HAPPY HOLIDAYS