Google Notebook

Google’s latest offering has been released and comes in the form of a plug-in – it’s Google Notebook.

I decided to download the plug-in and had a play with it, and have to admit it is a real handy little tool to include in your plug-in toolbox.

I am one of those individuals who at any given time can have between 10 and 15 windows of Notepad or Text Pad open – as I am continuously working with the net I utilize both programs to make notes, or to copy and paste text onto the pads to refer to later, or simply to return to read when I have a moment. To this end I have a folder full of saved Notepad pages.

For people like myself, I think this is a helpful tool and it now takes away the need for all my notepad windows and stops the clutter on the desktop – already I have started to use the Google Notebook to great effect.  The plug-in also saves images which I find extremely useful as it saves space in my Bookmarks as it is no longer becoming full of links to images.

With all the browsers I use (Firefox, IE, Flock, Safari, Chrome, and Opera) which are full of pages upon pages of bookmarks of text or images; I believe that Google Notebook will take some of the stress way from this area, keeping content nearby and easier to access than most bookmarks.  There is an extension for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

For my money Google Notebook is definitely worth downloading if you wish to clear some clutter and have easy access to a tool to cut and paste those useful snippets of information to.