Quad Core Processors

I have seriously been thinking of an upgrade of my main computer recently and have looked around at several bespoke vendors among them Alienware, Clevo and Arbico to supply me my new system. I had drawn up a spec that included dual-core processors, 2GB Memory, ITB of HD, hard line graphics capabilities and a whole load of integrated tweaks. The plan to buy this was going to be March 2007.

All of this has changed now after reading an article in ZDNET about Quad Core Processors and the sheer lightening speeds of the newer generation. It’s back to the drawing board for me to configure the design of the new upgrade and include 4GB memory, 1T of HD and Quad Processors.

I tell you I can’t keep up with this, every time I turn back for a second there is something even faster on the market. The current custom built system I have is only a couple of years old and at the time when it was built, it was fast and quite advanced. Two tears on and it’s only a mere shadow in comparison to today’s products.