Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview

I was on an SEO Forum forum this morning catching up on some posting and seeing what’s new. I came accross this thread ‘IE7 Beta 2 Leaked’ and decided to kick the tyres a bit and installed a copy of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2.

I’ll be running afew test on it this week see whats new. Here is a screenshot of testing a site on IE7.

IE7 Beta.2 screenshot





First couple of problems I have encountered with it –

1. when resizing a window on a site that uses no tables, built with DIVS and strict XHTML it whites out, you have to refresh to get the site back once it’s been resized.

2. The mouse freezes into a double headed arrow when dragging the window corners to resize. It forced a ctrl/alt/del to leave to escape.

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