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Understanding the E-Privacy Directive and Its Impact on UK Websites

Taking effect on May 26, 2012, the new e-Privacy Directive, is an EU wide legislation, known as the ‘cookie law’, that will affect every UK online business.

Wikipedia & Google Blackout Protest over SOPA

Wikipedia is one of several websites to shut down its services in protest over an anti-piracy bill that could affect the neutrality of the World Wide Web

The Importance of Snippets in Online Visibility

If the Meta description is not relevant to the searchers query then Google will serve a near relevant snippet from the content on the websites page.

Google Commerce Search (GCS)

Google Commerce Search 3.0 – A Game-Changer for E-Commerce SEO

Google Commerce Search (GCS) maximizes sales for retailers by giving the shopper a direct search route to a product utilising e-commerce results only.

Understanding Webpage Segments for SEO

Google will view the HTML of a web page and then simulate that page in a browser in order to understand the different segments of a website page.