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Instant Gratification – Google Previews

There are pros and cons to the new ‘Instant Previews’ feature depending on one’s point of view. From a searchers standpoint, it certainly is a time-saver.

Adobe Flash logo with white styled letter F on a red background.

Adobe Announces Flash to be Indexed by Search Engines

Why I’m sceptical regarding Adobe’s announcement that it is taking steps to enhance search results visibility for sites using its Flash technology.

Jimmy Page performing Stairway to Heaven live in concert

Rolling on a Whiteboard Friday

I thought I would ‘up-the-ante’ with the following with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin showing us how it really is on a SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

Sonet Digital logo

Sonet News Update April 2007

Southbourne will close and Sonet Digital will will be offering comprehensive online marketing solutions

Digital Identity on the Horizon? Paypal Introduces a Security Key-Fob

The “Paypal Security Key” This type of innovation raises pertinent questions about the future of online security and individual privacy.

Hands holding a tablet whiles searching on a mobile browser

SEO Optimising Website Structure for Cross-Browser Compatibility

A large part of SEO takes place in the structure of the website. There are many facets to this. One of them, and especially if part of the job calls for redevelopment is to get a site cross-browser friendly.