Looking into the Future of Search with Google Glass

As Google prepares to introduce its Glass to the public, we have a look at the features and what it means to the search industry-it’s positives and pitfalls

Monitor Colour Profiling Again!

As a rule of thumb we generally profile our monitors approximately once a month, the graphic intensive monitors are profiled before every print or after every over image edit.

Digital Identity on the Horizon? Paypal Introduces Security Key-Fob

The “Paypal Security Key” will cost $5 (USD) for personal Paypal accounts, but will be free for business accounts and provide an extra layer of security.

Quad Core Processors

I had drawn up a spec that included dual-core processors, 2GB Memory, ITB of HD, hard line graphics capabilities and a whole load of integrated tweaks.

Create Your Own iPod eBooks

The iPod eBook Creator works by splitting your text into notes that will be automatically linked for seamless flow for movement from one to another.

Google Notebook

I decided to download Google’s latest offering of the Google notepad and had a play with it, and have to admit it is a real handy little tool…

GeoID Visitor Locator App

We were asked to create a small locator app for Search and Go. The app GeoID is a Google Mashup that allows a visitor to click the button and arrive on a map that shows their current location and other visitors locations.