Rolling on a Whiteboard Friday

I spent a good part of last night and this morning catching up on blog posts and industry news. A neat article on SEOMOZ from Scott on his Friday Whiteboard session titled: You’re Not on the List which is a video with Rand Fishkin describing the difference between good and bad general directories and why it is a waste of time submitting to most of them. I debated a point that some are better than the others and the reasons why in a reply to his posting.

I noticed that Justin Hayward (No relation to the Moody Blues, I don’t think) put a response to Rand’s music intro and let his Friday rock with some Def Leppard. I thought I would up-the-ante with the following with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin showing us how it really is:

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  1. Dave Beck says:

    Hey Vinnie,
    nice clip! Led Zep — true innovators!
    It has been a while between posts mate.
    Just wondering how you would rate the premium subscription over at SEOMOZ?

  2. Justin Hayward says:

    Hey Vinnie, Glad you enjoyed ‘the leppard’ although i think you’ve peaked too early here with the legendary JP!

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Dave
    It surely has been a while; been ever so busy to the point I have not kept the blog updated.
    As for your question how I rate the premium service at SEOMOZ, I’ve only been a premium member for a very short while now and can’t give too much opinion. From what I have seen so far is quite impressive as they have quite a few neat tools I have found quite useful.
    To start with I have only taken membership a month at a time and when I feel more comfortable will go for longer periods. Overall quite impressive.
    So, what you been up too? It’s been so long. How’s work?

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