SEO for Cross Browser Usability

A large part of SEO takes place in the structure of the website. There are many facets to this. One of them, and especially if part of the job calls for redevelopment is to get a site cross-browser friendly especially if you don’t want to lock out any group from viewing your website. While Internet Explorer is still the widely used web browser, there are also browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Konquerer and Safari, to name a few.

No Tables

Part of the redevelopment or ‘from scratch’ development is building with no tables or ripping out existing tables, while tables are no longer a real hindrance, it helps to have a tableless environment. Not only for super-speed crawling of a website but it also aids in other areas such as accessibility, future proofing for the Mobile Web etc.

Cross Browser

Our current website (as of 2006) is coming up for redevelopment soon and this time we really want to ‘push the boat out’ in design, mobile small device build we have some neat ideas we would like to implement and are looking closely at integrating a small publishing platform that sits tightly with the main business website. I feel the future of business sites is having an integrated solution so that blog publishing can easily be integrated into a website ‘on the fly.’ Anyway, I digress… back to cross browser friendliness. I decided to test our current site in some of the latest browsers on the latest Operating systems. For this I use BrowserCam which we have had a membership for quite a while now.


The way BrowserCam works is its set up to take a snapshot of your site on different Operating systems and web browsers. It’s a geat way of seeing how your site easily looks to others. A real handy tool that should be firmly in your developers toolbox.

I took the following snaps this evening of our current site at Southbourne Internet, we seemed to pass everything, our site is built with no tables and it was tough call with the main image on the home page as every time we thought we got working it broke in another browser. Eventually we prevailed except for a slight hitch in Konquerer that lifts the image from it’s holder a tiny bit.

As stated above that IE still leads the way in browser use, it is worth mentioning that other markets smallermay use different browsers, and a site should be ready to handle those browsers and especially if it helps increase the ROI for a site.