Google Analytics Audience Overview Report Explained

This article simplifies the Audience Overview report in Google Analytics, making it accessible for business professionals and corporate marketers. 

Wentworth Clinic – Website Case Study

This week we launched a new website for the Wentworth Clinic including the consolidation of their services and redesigning key elements of their brand

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Pre-Seasonal Marketing Tips & New Site Releases

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A Guide to Removing Fake Spam Referrer Traffic from your Analytics Reports

Fake referral spam clogging your analytics reports high bounce rates? Read on for a workaround in Google Analytics.

Shopping for a Car Just Got Easier with Google Knowledge Graph

This week Google announced its Knowledge Graph can now make the research-intensive act of car shopping even easier for users.

The Evolution or Demise of PageRank?

Will PageRank disappear forever, or will it evolve into something that provides a more accurate measurement of a webpage’s quality?

Google’s Secure Search – Not Provided

Google unleashed “secure search” in full, blocking out 100% of ‘organic’ search terms (searches via Google search engine) showing in Google Analytics.

Google Glass: A Glimpse into the Future of Search

As Google prepares to introduce its Glass to the public, we have a look at the features and what it means to the search industry-it’s positives and pitfalls

Top Five SEO Mistakes

Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team gives provides his top 5 biggest SEO mistakes.