Wentworth Clinic – Website Case Study

This week we launched a new website for the Wentworth Clinic including the consolidation of their services and redesigning key elements of their brand

A Guide to Launching a New Website Build – Going Live

Launching a website is more than just clicking ‘Go Live.’ Explore our guide to ensure a seamless transition and optimal performance.

Pre-Seasonal Marketing Tips & New Site Releases

Maximise your holiday profits with our tips for seasonal online marketing. From SEO positioning to PPC campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

Rebrand and Change of URL – Southbourne to Sonet Digital.

Last year we decided it was time to update and tighten our service offerings into a well-honed online marketing solution.

Top Five SEO Mistakes

Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team gives provides his top 5 biggest SEO mistakes.

The Importance of Readable URLs and Best Practices

Search engines have always recommended that web addresses, commonly referred to as URLs to be kept as simple and understandable as possible.

Understanding Webpage Segments for SEO

Google will view the HTML of a web page and then simulate that page in a browser in order to understand the different segments of a website page.

Adobe Announces Flash to be Indexed by Search Engines

Why I’m sceptical regarding Adobe’s announcement that it is taking steps to enhance search results visibility for sites using its Flash technology.

SEO Optimising Website Structure for Cross-Browser Compatibility

A large part of SEO takes place in the structure of the website. There are many facets to this. One of them, and especially if part of the job calls for redevelopment is to get a site cross-browser friendly.

Google Maps – Weather Reports

When it came to the weather mapping part of SaGo we decided to use Google Maps and overlay the maps with the weather system and data.