Refresh Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy for Optimal Results

Your online sales should be a clarion call to ‘up your e-commerce game’ and review and refresh your Internet marketing plans.

Shopping for a Car Just Got Easier with Google Knowledge Graph

This week Google announced its Knowledge Graph can now make the research-intensive act of car shopping even easier for users.

Google Checkout To Close – What it means for Business

On November 20th, 2013, Google will close its online payment processing service, Google Checkout. This is part of a transition to Google Wallet.

Facebook Ramps up its Ecommerce Capabilities with Gifts

From timelines to doorsteps: Facebook’s ‘Gifts’ brings a fresh twist to online shopping.

Google Commerce Search 3.0 – A Game-Changer for E-Commerce SEO

Google Commerce Search (GCS) maximizes sales for retailers by giving the shopper a direct search route to a product utilising e-commerce results only.

An Incredible Year for E-Commerce 2005 Witnesses a 22% Surge in Online Spending

Online spending increased by 22% in 2005 this is great news for e-commerce development firms, advertising portals and other related industries.