Refresh Your E-Commerce Marketing Plan

If 2017 was a bumper year for selling online then this should be a clarion call to ‘up your e-commerce game’, start by looking at your current Internet marketing services.

Shopping for a Car Just Got Easier with Google Knowledge Graph

This week Google announced its Knowledge Graph can now make the research-intensive act of car shopping even easier for users.

Google Checkout To Close – What it means for Business

On November 20th, 2013, Google will close its online payment processing service, Google Checkout. This is part of a transition to Google Wallet, its digital payment system.

Facebook Ramps up its Ecommerce Capabilities with Gifts

Facebook has announced that it is introducing ‘Facebook Gifts,’ a service that allows members to select a gift and send it to their contacts or friends from Facebook’s Gifts service.

Google Commerce Search 3.00 and SEO

Google Commerce Search (GCS) maximizes sales for retailers by giving the shopper a direct search route to a product utilising e-commerce results only.

Digital Identity on the Horizon? Paypal Introduces Security Key-Fob

The “Paypal Security Key” will cost $5 (USD) for personal Paypal accounts, but will be free for business accounts and provide an extra layer of security.

CuisineNet Chinese Food To Go Online

The pros and cons of CuisineNet’s online delivery system are: Great idea it was fairly simple and easy to use, I was able to place a full order and specify a time for delivery.

Google Website Editor – TROGDOR

Google will build or are building a WYSIWYG website editor that will allow for updating of a website with an online payment system.

2005 Online Spending Figures

Online spending increased by 22% in 2005 this is great news for e-commerce development firms, advertising portals and other related industries.