International SEO Targeting of Same-Language Regions

Want to rank in multiple countries with the same content? Find out how with international SEO and avoid common duplicate content pitfalls.

Blocking Baidu and Yandex Search Spiders

We noticed that Yandex and Baidu search engine bots were hammering the server and vaporising the bandwidth.

Should there be a Separate Mobile Friendly Website?

The W3C released it’s Mobile Web Best Practices that recommends there should not be two webs and current sites should have the necessary fixes implemented.

Google Maps – Weather Reports

When it came to the weather mapping part of SaGo we decided to use Google Maps and overlay the maps with the weather system and data.

Web Democracy 2.0

A meeting with Ed Merritt and David Frankel turned into a brainstorming session on how best to create a democratic web network for people to connect online.

Hello World – First Post

This is our first independent blog post. Sonet Digital have been practising online marketing and SEO since 1998 (as freelance) and as a group since 2000.