5 Ways for Using Google+ for Your Business

Five helpful tips that will get your business up and running on Google+ including making use of Google circles and authorship…

How Social Media Indicators Can Improve Your Reputation

Although individual social media indicators may not lead to great boosts in your search engine rankings by themselves – they will almost certainly improve your ranking in the long run if used with the reader in mind.

Pinterest Spam Filters?

Pinterest could add a filter to combat keyword spam. Maybe a filter that identifies potential spam by words allowing only one instance of a phrase

Choosing the Right SEO for Your Campaign

When choosing the right SEO firm to handle your online presence don’t be afraid to ask for references and testimonials. Look at their current work.

An A-Z on the Benefits of using Twitter for Business

The idea behind Twitter as they describe it is that it’s a fast, easy and effective way to communicate with friends, family and business associates.

Marketing Your Brand Through Social Media

Consumers will are more likely to trust a company who show they are knowledgeable in the frequent blogs and articles they share via Social Media networks.

Social Media’s Impact on Search Engine Rankings

Social media may have an important impact in the search engine results, as well as creating brand new links for you and your business

Web Revival 2.0

I had an article in my inbox titled: “Web 2.0 mania revives dot-com investing” it was about the web democracy craze and investors charging in for the kill.