WordPress Mobile Plugin

I was quite pleased when I heard that there was now a mobile web plug-in for word press developed by Alex King

CuisineNet Chinese Food To Go Online

The pros and cons of CuisineNet’s online delivery system are: Great idea it was fairly simple and easy to use, I was able to place a full order and specify a time for delivery.

Naturally Accessible SEO

An example is the mobile web – the current recommended language is XHTML for building mobile websites that are used by wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s

Should there be a Separate Mobile Website?

The W3C released it’s Mobile Web Best Practices that recommends there should not be two webs and current sites should have the necessary fixes implemented.

Future Look at SEO

The future of SEO will be the web on the move. This includes having fast and easy access to the mobile web at all times through smartphones.