EU Cookie Policy Pages

It strikes me as strange that lawmakers at the EU will propose and pass a law without any thought to how it may be implemented.  Hence our continuing debate over the best way to implement the EU cookie policyWe have now opted for the bar at the very top of our page advising visitors that we are using cookies, and links them to our privacy policy.

Cookie Cutter Policies

Recently, I have noticed some websites have international pages in the EU on which there is either no Privacy Policy (Apparently some believe that the UK is the only EU country) or that the privacy policy was carved from a cookie cutter (I had to get that in there) and they are written in English!  Why would a website in Spain – who incidentally are members of the EU – want to read the privacy policy in English?

It makes more sense and is the law that it should be written in the national tongue of that country.

BTW: For the anonymous person(s) who wrote and asked if a Cookie policy is needed in the USA, here is a link to the current members of the EU.