Microsoft Throwing Stones

Microsoft rock that they mailed to customers

Photo of the stone that Microsoft mailed to it’s mailing list

Frank, our local mailman possesses the gift of ‘second sight’, I am absolutely sure of this – ask him about football results or the horses and he has an opinion that proves uncannily correct, at least most of the time. This morning he delivered a package to our office from Microsoft and of course, we enjoyed a little friendly banter and jokes about what possibly Bill Gates could be sending. On shaking the box Frank announced, ‘It sounds more like he is sending you a rock” (more laughter).

As mentioned previously Frank is rarely wrong about things and today was no exception. I open the package and sure enough there it is, a rock mounted in a small blue Microsoft presentation box with the following inscription:

“Let’s leave them no place to hide”

On the back of the box in bold letters, it states: ‘Let’s beat the cheats’.  By now I am curious and investigate further.  A small pamphlet accompanies the box contents that announces that Microsoft is coming to the city in which our company is based, and they are calling in on partners to find out if anyone is selling illegal copies of Microsoft software.  I am surprised that they would go through all this trouble, We don’t utilise any of Microsoft’s products – and we are not software resellers, however, the ‘rock’ marketing warning is funny and if there are any official partners reselling this software, I have no doubt they are a little worried.

My thoughts turned to… who gathered the rocks?  They must have sent out thousands of these stones.  Which unfortunate individual(s) had the mindless job of picking up stones from some god-forsaken gravel pit? More than likely they were bought in bulk – but where were they stored, and who had the dubious job of sending hundreds of these rocks to their mailing list?

I have decided that if I decide to build my own home I shall lay this rock in the foundation – who knows, it could be Microsoft’s Rosetta stone.