Google Maps – Weather Reports

On Friday Google announced it would rebrand back to the Google Maps from Google Local.

I think this is a good idea as no one really referred to it as Google Local and the maps always stuck within our minds even when using the local directions on the map we would refer to it as Google Maps UK.

Talking about Google Maps – for the SaGo project we have been building a weather system that will give live with up-to-the-minute feeds and data into the portal. There were a couple of issues we had to contend with and this was making it as accessible as possible. We have got quite close – not completely as the system has tools within it that won’t let it go to accessibility AAA standard but its getting there.
When it came to the weather mapping part we decided to use Google Maps for the weather system and feed the data as overlays onto it. This has proved harder than it sounds and there have been many issues but now it’s running smoothly and in the process of being debugged. We will have the Online Weather Reports up within the next 14 days or sooner.

Here is a little screenshot of things to come – unfortunately doesnt do it justice as it doesnt capture the full screen – it however gives an idea:

search and go weather

I have just been informed that bug ironing will be going on for the next few days and then it will be incorporated into the CMS.