New Year, New Start 2016

New year and new beginnings for 2016. Time to update that business wish list and breathe some life into your Internet marketing campaign with new keywords and targeting new areas.

Rebrand & Change of Website Address

Last year we decided it was time to update and tighten our service offerings into a well-honed online marketing solution.

Shopping for a Car Just Got Easier with Google Knowledge Graph

This week Google announced its Knowledge Graph can now make the research-intensive act of car shopping even easier for users.

The Evolution or Demise of PageRank?

So, will PageRank disappear for ever, or will it evolve into something that provides a more accurate measurement of a pages quality? We’ll have to see what happens in 2014!

Google Checkout To Close – What it means for Business

On November 20th, 2013, Google will close its online payment processing service, Google Checkout. This is part of a transition to Google Wallet, its digital payment system.

World Wide Web is 21

It’s been 21 years since WWW founder Tim Berners Lee revolutionised the way we communicate, with the invention of the World Wide Web.

E-Privacy Directive and How it Affects UK Websites

Taking effect on May 26, 2012, the new e-Privacy Directive, is an EU wide legislation, sometimes known as the ‘cookie law’, that will affect UK online businesses.

Wikipedia & Google Blackout Protest over SOPA

Wikipedia is one of several websites to shut down its services in protest over an anti-piracy bill. Instead of the usual information pages that Wikipedia serve, visitors to the popular site are now greeted with an ominous black screen…

Google Commerce Search 3.00 and SEO

Google Commerce Search (GCS) maximizes sales for retailers by giving the shopper a direct search route to a product utilising e-commerce results only.

Instant Gratification – Google Previews

There are pros and cons to the new ‘Instant Previews’ feature depending on one’s point of view. From a searchers standpoint, it certainly is a time-saver.