The Importance of Local Paid Search Advertising

Local search advertising – an opportunity

A hand holding a smartphone and viewing how their local paid search campaign is performing.

Any reputable PPC management company will provide you with a detailed monthly analytics report.

Several years ago we predicted that local search on mobile devices would take centre stage. According to Google, a staggering 80% of online searches for local businesses are conducted on mobile devices. This includes not only text-based searches but also voice searches, which have gained popularity due to their accuracy and user-friendliness. Simply tap the microphone icon on your search screen, state your query, and voila! You’ll hear a response guiding you to local businesses within a specific radius of your current location.

Why Invest in Local Paid Mobile Ads?

Given this trend, it’s increasingly important for businesses to allocate resources to online advertising, particularly local paid search ads. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo offer straightforward options for creating ads aimed at local mobile users. For instance, within Google AdWords, you can use location extensions and specify device preferences to target mobile users. This ensures that your ads are not just visible but also actionable, allowing potential customers to click-to-call and connect with your business instantly.

Running An Effective Paid Local Search Campaign

Expertise Matters

For your paid search ads to be effective, they need to be managed by PPC professionals who understand the complexities of paid search platforms. These experts can fine-tune your campaigns for maximum ROI by using a variety of targeting tools available within the platform. This includes ad extensions, geo-targeting, and match-types, among other features.

Analytics – Performance is Key

Any reputable PPC management company will provide you with detailed monthly analytics reports. These reports will highlight the performance of your campaign, identify areas of strength and weakness, and suggest ways to further optimise your site for local search and mobile users.

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