Pre-Seasonal Marketing Tips & New Site Releases

Don’t you hate it when summer is NOT officially over but people are counting how many weeks or Fridays it is until Christmas! Christmas has arrived too early

Whether you like it or not, in the land of ecommerce getting a head-start on the Christmas season is tantamount to ensuring good sales when the season of goodwill arrives.  For some of our customers the planning of a digital marketing strategy for the Festive season starts just after the tax year in April, and for others it’s right now, in September.

Get positioned and be prepared

Positioning yourself in the search engines for products you want to ‘push’ during the holiday season begins far sooner than you’d imagine.  With the many competitors you are up against selling the same product types, there is never a guarantee of when you will reach the top of the search results for a specific keyphrase.  We can only advise you on good practise, and part of that is getting an early start. Put a plan in place to begin promoting your festive products online with a Pay per click campaign, and start creating tantaliser posts across social networks building your audiences expectation ready for the big day.  All this helps to build a momentum and excitement about your Christmas product range!

What are we doing…?

Mark MooreIt is also a busy time for us, not only are we assisting clients with their marketing plans and strategies but we are also in the midst of a fairly large multinational website build for a machinery company that feature some pretty neat interactive areas, and all built on a robust content management system.

We’re also thrilled that the new website went live last week for Mark Moore – the ubiquitous frontman for S’Express  – which has a very cool discography with interactive lyrics, and music players for mobile version. Also check out the events calendar and video pages

And, we are working closely with an American real estate company for whom we run a digital campaign that is now bearing fruit, and we are about to implement some cool community ideas in the New Year.

New post coming soon on when, how, and where you should display social media buttons on a website and how much brand time do they actually take up?

That’s all for now.