Don’t let the Snippet cut down Your Sales or Your Reputation

If the Meta description is not relevant to the searchers query then Google will serve a near relevant snippet from the content on the websites page.

SEO Analysis – Segments of a Webpage

Google will view the HTML of a web page and then simulate that page in a browser in order to understand the different segments of a website page.

Choosing the Right SEO for Your Campaign

When choosing the right SEO firm to handle your online presence don’t be afraid to ask for references and testimonials. Look at their current work.

Google Backlink Tool

Matt Cutt’s announced on his blog that Google has now created a Backlink checking tool for webmasters who want to view and know who is linking to a client site.

SEO for Cross Browser Usability

A large part of SEO takes place in the structure of the website. There are many facets to this. One of them, and especially if part of the job calls for redevelopment is to get a site cross-browser friendly.

Naturally Accessible SEO

An example is the mobile web – the current recommended language is XHTML for building mobile websites that are used by wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s

2006 SEO Forecasting

I have been reading and deciphering Stuntdubl’s blog and his post 40 SEM 2006 Predictions where he posted his 2006 online marketing forecast.

Future Look at SEO

The future of SEO will be the web on the move. This includes having fast and easy access to the mobile web at all times through smartphones.

Website Recode for Better Rankings

A largely overlooked factor of search engine optimisation strategy is the coding of a website. If a site is using old and out-dated code it can have a detrimental effect…

Red Project SEO

One of the services we offer at Sonet is ‘red project solutions’ for SEO. We are called-in to rescue sites that have a variety of problems, including poor website architecture