2005 Online Spending Figures

Online spending increased by 22% in 2005 this is great news for e-commerce development firms, advertising portals and other related industries. It appears the technology crashes of 200 – 2001 are now over and lessons have been learnt. The consumer is wiser, the investor cautious. This all makes for a smoother online market place. How long this will go on for I don’t know… but as the Internet grows there seems to be no end in sight for the current upswing unless the economy falls flat on its collective face.

At Sonet Digital we are seeing more and more SME’s (small – medium enterprises) wanting their share online. They know now that it’s not just a case of having any old website built and being ‘thrown to the dogs’ it’s a case of aesthetics, functionality, usability and website marketing services that will help increase online profits for a site.

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