Hello World – First Post

This is our first independent blog post. We have been practising online marketing and SEO since 1998 (as freelance), as a group since 2001, and then as an agency. Our background is in marketing and advertising. In these blogs, I’ll share observations and musings about the web marketing industry and Internet technology in general.

In the interim, we are migrating our older blog content to here from a Google Blogger site we have been using – and will place the posts in the appropriate date formats. We find that by having your own domain and blog hosting –  you are not subject to the rules or creative limitations that blogging systems may place on their users.

Jazz musician Miles Davis and actress Jeanne Moreau - trumpeting in a version of WordPress :)

Miles Davis and Jeanne Moreau – Photograph: Bettmann Archive.

Without further ado – welcome

After reviewing many online blog systems and marvelling at the sheer number of excellent layouts and ever-increasing functionality we have finally settled on one we are happy with. I found that most WordPress designs are created by individuals based on their design experience or/influences. With that in mind, there was only one option: finding the time and creating our own version. We started with a short-lived blank template named WordPress Miles. Which I understand is named after Miles Davis.

Multiple Categories

We set it to work and extended the width of the template. This was important. WordPress 1.0 and above now supports multiple categories, SEO-friendly permalinks, and plugin architecture that will extend the blog’s features. Next, a paint palette and ‘hex mash-up’ and a small production number on design. A lot more went into our version of the WordPress ‘Miles’ update than meets the eye. Getting a meta-description to work for the home page was a lesson in re-hacking, some plug-ins had to be recreated and voila we are almost there.

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