Social Media’s Impact on Search Engine Rankings

Social media may have an important impact in the search engine results, as well as creating brand new links for you and your business

Adobe Announces Flash to be Indexed by Search Engines

Adobe is now enhancing Flash content to be indexed by search engines. Google has begun to roll out Adobe Flash Player Technology into its search engine.

Rolling on a Whiteboard Friday

I thought I would ‘up-the-ante’ with the following with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin showing us how it really is on a SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

Google Backlink Tool

Matt Cutt’s announced on his blog that Google has now created a Backlink checking tool for webmasters who want to view and know who is linking to a client site.

SEO for Cross Browser Usability

A large part of SEO takes place in the structure of the website. There are many facets to this. One of them, and especially if part of the job calls for redevelopment is to get a site cross-browser friendly.

Naturally Accessible SEO

An example is the mobile web – the current recommended language is XHTML for building mobile websites that are used by wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s

Should there be a Separate Mobile Website?

The W3C released it’s Mobile Web Best Practices that recommends there should not be two webs and current sites should have the necessary fixes implemented.

Old Design vs. New Technology – Fashion Industry Websites

A well designed and appropriate website for the fashion industry that meets standards, search engine optimised and reputation management will work wwell for customers.

Flash Spam vs. SEO

Using flash for SEO work is a major hindrance not only to search engine rankings but also breaks all major usability guidelines.

Website First Impressions

In just one-twentieth of a second – less than half the time it takes to blink – people make aesthetic judgments that influence the rest of their experience with an internet site… If the first impression is negative, you’ll probably drive people off.