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As to a previous post I had mentioned we have been building the weather system for SaGo it’s just about finished now and we should be able to roll-out the weather system next week. There has been issues in getting this mapping accessible as possible. The only way we found around it (for the time being) is building within a table-less environment to get is as standards compliant as we could. In the future we will work more at making this meet standards. I believe a lot of that should come from Google themselves as they actually provide the mapping.

We are quite pleased with the outcome of the weather forecast system especially with the recent upgrades to the Google mapping API. We had debated to what mapping we should use. Several issues played a large part, namely budget and flexibility. We found that Google met both criterion easily with the free use of their Google Maps API and that they constantly work on upgrading their mapping… this suits us fine.

I have enclosed a screenhsot of the SaGo Google maps weather system below, although a little scratchy and does not quite capture the full page it gives a clear idea of how it will look. There is a map for every country and region, although some countries don’t deliver street level. This we are hoping will change in the future.

search and go weather


I would like to also see the weather icons appear in the pop-up balloon and we will work on this in the coming few weeks. As Search and Go is a portal aimed at delivering authoratative information over the World Wide Web and Mobile Web, we will also be looking at creating the fixes for mobile devices. With the release of the Mobile Web Initiatives (MWI) Best Practice Guidlines which calls for creating the fixes and development to existiing sites rather than develpoing a seperate site (two webs) for the mobile paltform – we have heeded the call and will make the neccessary adjustments.

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