Marketing Your Brand Through Social Media

What is Branding?

Drawing up a online branding strategy on a whitebaord

Drawing up an online branding strategy through social media

Branding is more than just a logo or a catchy name. It’s the unique identity of a product or service that differentiates it from its competitors. It’s the image that pops into a consumer’s mind when they think of a particular company or product.

Historical Branding

Historically, the concept of branding has been around for centuries. From potters in 1300 B.C. marking their creations to livestock branding indicating ownership, the idea of leaving a personal mark is age-old. Even in the 1200s, artisans like bakers and blacksmiths stamped their handmade goods with their unique marks. In essence, branding is about showcasing uniqueness and establishing a distinct identity in the market.

Crafting Your Brand Identity

When creating a brand, several factors come into play:

  1. The core values and principles of your company.
  2. The desired perception you want consumers to have.
  3. Understanding the needs and wants of your clients.
  4. Recognising what sets your product or service apart in the market.
  5. Being aware of your company’s strengths and areas of improvement.

A robust brand not only enhances your company’s visibility but also fosters trust in the products and services you offer. The benefits of a well-crafted brand include increased visibility, financial growth, customer loyalty, and the ability to attract skilled professionals.

Once your brand has been created then clearly the marketing of your products and services is a wise next step.

Marketing with Social Media

Social media has revolutionised the way brands interact with their audience. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, along with blogs, have become essential tools for sharing information about a company and its offerings. Social media encourages open conversations, allowing consumers to provide instant feedback. This interactive approach helps in disseminating authoritative articles, blogs, press releases, videos, and images to a vast audience, thereby amplifying brand awareness. The end goal is to drive more traffic to the company’s website, leading to increased sales.

Utilising social media marketing to enhance your brand and disseminate your message should play an important role in your digital marketing strategy. A compelling brand on social media can captivate consumers, encouraging them to explore a company’s offerings further. Establishing authority in a specific industry through consistent and knowledgeable content can build trust among consumers.

Branding Terminology:

  • Brand Awareness: The recall value (how memorable) of your brand is to the public.
  • Brand Identity: How a business wants to be perceived.
  • Brand Love: Refers to the loyalty and passion that consumers have for a brand. In digital terms, this translates on social media to positive engagement.
  • Brand Loyalty: The dedication of consumers to a specific brand.
  • Brand Management: The process of building and maintaining a brand.
  • Trademark: A legal method to protect a brand name

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